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Beach Clean Up - Ravi's Summer Blog

Beach Clean Up - Ravi's Summer Blog

This summer, I went to my first Beach Clean Up! Beach Clean Ups are a huge thing for us here in San Diego. After all, we have over 70 miles of coastline and those are by far our most precious miles. Almost every weekend, a local ocean-minded non-profit organization puts on a clean up. The most notable ones in San Diego are certainly Surfrider Foundation San Diego County Chapter and San Diego Coast Keepers. Both are organizations which Shore Buddies support! This clean up I went to was put on by Surfrider. I was blown away by all the volunteers that came out that morning; easily over 100 people were already waiting in line to sign in. There is no RSVP necessary, but you register at the booth when you check in. Surfrider Foundation provided us with gloves and buckets for the clean up, however some folks even brought their own gear! We walked down the beach in little groups for about 2 hours and picked up what we could find. At first I thought the beach is already pretty clean, but the deeper we got in, we found a lot of little pieces of debris, especially when we went off the beaten path a little bit.

Shore Buddies beach clean up with kids

Towards the end, we came back to the Surfrider booth and all the picked up trash was weighed. All volunteers that morning removed 181 pounds of trash and prevented it from going into the ocean. Wow! That was a huge number and I feel so happy to make such a difference. The energy between the volunteers were amazing, and the appreciation and gratefulness from bystanders was tremendous. Besides the actual act of cleaning the beach, I’ve learned that when people show each other that they care about a cause enough to come out and volunteer to make change, they are not only able to inspire each other but to incite others outside their volunteering to believe in the good cause.

For the future generations,