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Emma and the crisis at The Gulf of Oman

Emma and the crisis at The Gulf of Oman

Hi guys, Emma here!

As a whale, I have the ability to travel hundreds of miles in one day. The ocean is my home, in fact my only home. I love it with its beautiful coral and diverse animals. The other day, I met Farid, a Laced moray eel who had swam thousands of miles in order to reach San Diego. He told me about a body of water named The Gulf of Oman.

Laced Moray.jpg

The eel's lovely home was no longer habitable. In the last few years, the Gulf had turned into a “dead zone.” Currently, the zone has extremely low oxygen levels, making it almost impossible for any animal to live there. This particular eel needed oxygen to survive, therefore he had to leave his home. 

The Gulf of Oman’s “dead zone” had expanded greatly in the last 50 years. Global warming and human pollution are just two of many reasons why the “dead zone” has continued to grow. Algae growth spurred on by these different factors absorbs any oxygen left in the water causing the "dead zone" to spread.

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Like Farid and his eel friends, all the people in the region depend on the Gulf as well. This "dead zone" situation affects their food and employment as fishermen.

Whenever I hear a portion of my home is sick, even if it is thousands of miles away, I worry for it. We have to protect our Earth by taking preventative measures. Reducing, reusing, and recycling are ways in which people can reduce their impact on the planet. There is always hope that something can be done to improve our environment. Scientists and researchers are using Seagliders, autonomous underwater vehicle (AUVs), to gain more information. With research and funds, this area will get the attention it needs in order to be cured. 

Just because The Gulf of Oman may be far from your particular home doesn’t mean there isn’t something you can do. Big or small, daily efforts to protect the environment are important. I will help all I can do to raise awareness. I hope that all of you will work to keep our home healthy.


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