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Emma congratulates Volvo Ocean Race sailors on joining the fight!

Emma congratulates Volvo Ocean Race sailors on joining the fight!

Hello friends, Emma here!

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Remember back in May, there was a boat race across Point Nemo in the Pacific Ocean? Two yachts were horrified at the amount of plastic in the water, and teamed up with Sky Ocean Rescue to find out just how bad the problem is...

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Well, now that the sailors are back on dry land, they are telling everyone what they saw that shocked them. At a large meeting called the Ocean Summit in The Hague, The Netherlands, a sailor from one of the racing boats said that while in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, she saw a plastic chair float by! Can you imagine that, being out in the ocean, with no beach, no mountain, no land as far as you can see, and still seeing plastic trash bobbing past you?! I am happy that humans finally realize how bad it is. I see this stuff myself every single day!

Emma swimming in plastic trash.jpg

Fortunately, what these sailors saw upset them so much, they are now getting involved in ocean pollution activism! Let’s give a cheer for our new Ocean Fighters!



PS: Watch the video to see footage from the race, and get a glimpse of Finn’s and Stephen’s families!

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