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Finn is amazed Sea Glass has a life beyond the ocean

Finn is amazed Sea Glass has a life beyond the ocean

Hi fellow Ocean Enthusiast; Finn here!

Finn the dolphin with seaglass necklace

As many of you know, the ocean is a rainbow of color. From the red hues of coral in the Great Barrier Reef to the glistening of Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, there is no shortage of beauty in the ocean. I often encounter sea glass all over the world. Recently I was swimming past the California coast when I saw someone picking up sea glass from the shore. I then noticed the person had sea glass dangling from their neck. That was the day I learned about This Tiny Ocean!!

Whale tail with sea glass

Seaglass heartThis Tiny Ocean allows for people to have a little piece of the ocean with them wherever they go. When I swim from ocean to ocean, I often look down at the sea glass and wonder on whose hands it will land...Made from sea glass collected from the ocean, This Tiny Ocean creates one of a kind jewelry. Suzie (the founder and artist behing This Tiny Ocean) only uses sea glass tumbled by the ocean. I always love to see the different ways human beings appreciate the nature around them. Some recycle to make cute stuffed animals, while others create gorgeous jewelry.

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Stay ocean connected.

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