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Stephen’s Sustainable Summer Tips

Stephen’s Sustainable Summer Tips

Hello fellow Ocean Activist- Stephen here with more sustainable summer tips!

 Tip # 5: Go and explore your surroundings-responsibly: PT2!

 On holiday, I’ve noticed that humans tend to forget about their effects on the environment. Relaxing is all good and dandy until it begins to harm our shared home. Exploring responsibly is important, especially since most of us rely on nature to provide us with our safety and home.

Nesting and scavenging for food is something I often see humans impede animals from doing. On beaches, my poor sea turtle friends are often born into unsafe environments. The trek from their nest to the beach is often littered with unnecessary obstacles. For a newborn turtle, a can of soda can be as difficult to cross as a mountain range. By steering clear of animal nesting grounds and staying on marked hiking trails, humans can conserve the environment while they explore it. Just remember to be aware of your surroundings when exploring the great unknown! 

Sustainably yours,

 Stephen the Seagull