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Stephen’s Sustainable Summer Tips

Stephen’s Sustainable Summer Tips

Hello fellow Ocean Activist- Stephen here with more sustainable summer tips!

 Tip #6: Get to know the locals!

Whether I fly to a beach an hour away or a town in another country, I always try to get to know the local gulls. They show me around, often letting me know the best places to eat and relax in. I think this advice would benefit my two-legged friends. Traveling sustainably isn’t only about reducing and recycling your waste. Getting to know the local population can benefit the planet as well as yourself. By supporting local vendors, people help reduce the number of wasteful souvenirs purchased. Purchasing items locally support the community and the environment. As long as the items aren’t made from endangered plants and animals, shopping for souvenirs can be a way tourists support locals. Shopping on vacation doesn’t have to be wasteful—it could be rewarding!

 Sustainably yours,

 Stephen Seagull