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Stephen Seagull is passionate about Ocean Protection

Stephen Seagull is passionate about Ocean Protection

Hi guys! Stephen here!


Trash on the beachAnyone who knows me knows I’m passionate about keeping my beaches clean; it’s my home! I eat there, I sleep there, and I take a little swim with my Shore Buddies there. No one wants a dirty home. Just the other day I was minding my own business, grabbing some food and squawking at some kids building a sand castle when I saw it... PLASTIC! Plastic forks, and paper plates, and Styrofoam cups, and plastic bags. IT WAS A PICNIC OF PLASTIC! I was so upset. Who goes into someone else’s home and dumps piles of trash on their floor?? And leaves it?! I was pretty upset, so I did some research. And I found the most FINN-tastic (That’s my dolphin Shore Buddy Finn!) answer! That’s why I want to tell you about One Dollar for The Ocean! This seagull-erific nonprofit is FOR SHORE dedicated to ocean protection!

80% of trash is created on land

One Dollar for The Ocean is a powerful network of businesses and nonprofits committed to ocean protection! They team up with ocean minded companies and help them give back through their products and services. For example, ME! For every Stephen (or any of my Shore Buddies friends) you buy, $1 goes straight into protecting our oceans and helping to save marine life! That means no more plastic picnics in my home!

Stephen Seagull with plastic bottles

So now, when you’re walking along the beach and see plastic, or debris or anything that doesn’t belong, be sure to pick it up and recycle it. Then run straight to your favorite product with the $1FTO label to give back to oceans! Oh, and I wouldn’t mind if you stopped to say hi! Until next time my ocean loving friends!

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Yours Truly,

Stephen Seagull