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Shore Buddies Ocean Hero of the Week: Hannah Fraser

Mermaid Hannah Fraser with Shore Buddies Sammy the Seal

Shore Buddies Ocean Hero of the Week: Hannah Fraser

I have been actively campaigning for 20 years to END the shark fin & manta gill ray trade, and cetacean slaughter by showing people that these animals are intelligent, interactive, largely harmless, and invaluable to the balance of the eco system that we depend upon for life on this planet.

Wisdom Wednesday 01/16/2019

Shore Buddies Wisdom Wednesday Coral Reef

Wisdom Wednesday

Reefs are an important staple in the fishing industry because of their natural habitat of bait fish, which brings in tuna and other large species. Communities of fish and sea plants, often called villages, appear where there is a coral reef....

Wisdom Wednesday 09/01/2019

Coral Reef.jpg

Wisdom Wednesday

Coral reefs are huge helpers in many ways! They can help improve surrounding water quality by acting as a filter that traps floating things in the water. Scientists have found that parts of a coral reef can be harvested to make medications to treat cancers and other illnesses.