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Wisdom Wednesday 6/24/20

Shore Buddies Wisdom Wednesday

Photo of playful Humpback Whales by Instagram user Jill (@jillma2sh21)

Photo by Jill (@jillma2sh21 on Instagram)

Humpback Whales are known to be one of the most playful and acrobatic whales on earth. Of all cetaceans, the Humpback Whale seems to be the most athletic, impressing observers with breaching, spy hopping and other playful behaviours. They can be seen laying on their side "pec slapping", raising their large pectoral fins straight out of the water and slapping it hard against the surface. They are often seen swimming like this, passing vessels close by, but ignoring them. The Humpback inhabits every ocean on the planet, and is most famous for it’s capability of song. During mating season, the males will sing organized and complex songs with distinct melodies and themes that can be heard over twenty miles away. These song patterns change yearly, and every few years a new song will emerge. While Humpback Whales are the most playful, they are generally not as social as other whales. However, they do cooperatively feed, migrate, and breed.  Residing within a loose-knit social structure, Humpback Whales live individually alone, or within transient small groups that come together periodically.  During the summer months they tend to stay in such groups for longer periods of time to forage and feed co-operatively.