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Wisdom Wednesday | Caribbean Reef Shark

Shore Buddies Wisdom Wednesday 03/24/2021

Caribbean Reef Shark swimming through the ocean. Photo by Steve Peletz.

Photo by Steve Peletz

Caribbean Reef Sharks are typically found along the shores from Florida to Brazil in the shallow waters of coral reefs, continental shelves, and insular shelves. They are usually found at depths of about 100 feet but have been seen diving to depths of 1250 feet. These sharks are able to purge their own stomachs to rid them of parasites or mucus in the stomach lining. They are relatively passive creatures and typically do not pose a threat to humans, in fact, they tend to avoid human interaction. Caribbean Reef Sharks are the first and only species of shark to rest or “sleep” on the ocean floors inside reef caves. Because of this, they have been given the nickname “sleeping sharks”. These sharks have also been seen performing a “threat dance” when they feel threatened. This “dance” involves them swimming in a zig-zag motion while intermittently dipping its pectoral fins. Female Caribbean Reef Sharks begin reproducing once they reach a size of about 2 to 3 meters and reproduce every other year and give birth to four to six pups at a time.