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Wisdom Wednesday | Jellyfish

Shore Buddies Wisdom Wednesday 03/10/2021

Image of a jellyfish drifting through the ocean. Photo by Justin Hofman.
Photo by Justin Hofman

Did you know that Jellyfish may have lived millions of years before the dinosaurs? A Jellyfish fossil found in Utah is thought to be over 505 million years old while scientists believe the dinosaurs roamed the Earth around 245 to 66 million years ago. That means jellyfish were around nearly 250 million years before the dinosaurs! Despite their name, Jellyfish are not actually fish at all. Unlike fish, jellyfish have no backbones or gills to breathe. Instead, jellyfish are classified as invertebrates and they absorb oxygen from the water through their membranes.These creatures consist almost entirely of water. Around 95% of a jellyfish is water while the other 5% consists of structural proteins. In comparison, a human body consists of around 60% water. Jellyfish generally eat small plants, shrimp or fish, using their tentacles to stun prey before eating it. Because they usually follow the currents of the water,  jellyfish can live in ocean waters around the world, whether that’s in tropical waters or in Arctic waters.