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Wisdom Wednesday | Seagulls

Shore Buddies Wisdom Wednesday 11/9/22

Photo of of seagull from dropbox


Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine.  If you have ever seen the movie Finding Nemo, then you might be surprised to know that seagulls are brighter than they seem.  One of their clever behaviors includes stomping their feet onto the ground, similar to how rain falls, fooling earthworms to travel to the surface.  There’s no need to scramble for food when they quite literally have their next meal right at their feet.  In addition to this, they also tend to drop mollusks from the sky, causing them to break open without having to use their beaks.  Aside from their eating habits, seagulls possess other unique characteristics different from many animals, including the ability to drink both fresh water and saltwater.  They even have a superpower-like ability to hover over bridges and absorb energy from the heat of paved roadways!  Using their shrieking vocalizations and range of body movements, seagulls travel in flocks until they are old enough to start a family of their own.  After learning a little more about these feathery friends, we must protect them by doing our part of keeping plastic and trash out of the oceans!


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