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The Shore Buddies Show - Ocean Toy review

Episode 29 - Reviewing Ocean Toys

While many of us are staying home this summer, we want to highlight a few cool ocean toys from amazing companies that we came across. Learning about marine life and building your own ocean themed braced. In this Shore Buddies Show episode, Malte is showing you some cool ocean toys that get you excited about the ocean and you will learn why you want to join Shore Buddies in their mission to help save marine life and to keep plastics out of the Ocean. The ocean is just so beautiful and needs to be saved 💙♻️🐬🐢🎨🤹‍♂️ Malte is checking out two cool companies and their products. You can learn more about them here and see where you can buy them.

Bright Stripe - Sea & Do:

Ocean Animals book:

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