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Finn is hoping he never sees a plastic straw again

Finn is hoping he never sees a plastic straw again

Dolphins with plastic straws - no

There I was the other day, swimming and looking for some food, when I came into contact with an awful sight—about 20 or so straws were floating nearby. I now knew what these small tubes were after having seen them in various corners of the ocean. I’ve heard my human friends say that approximately 500 million straws are used in America each day. How did this plastic become so common?!

Finn the dolphin covered with plastic strawsYears ago, I’ve been told by older dolphins, plastic straws weren’t commonly found in the ocean. In the late 19th century, Rye straws were often used. This biodegradable option was later usurped since it wasn’t considered to be the best option available. Paper straws were the next kind of straw people used to drink their soda pops. Everything was going great for humans and the environment, until paper wasn’t deemed good enough. Nothing beat the durability of a plastic straw. By the 1960s, plastic straws were everywhere. Including my home; the Ocean.

But wait! There is hope for straw drinkers and marine animals alike. Recently there have been new developments and ideas to satisfy both. Metal, corn, and cookie straws, are just some of the few options currently available. Banning plastic straws is a great step towards reducing the amount of plastic entering the ocean. But if skipping the straw isn’t for you, there are options. A small change a day can make a HUGE difference. Whether it be a metal, glass, bamboo or a paper straw, changing up your plastic straw routine has the ability to make the ocean a healthier and safer place for all marine animals.

Finn the dolphin with plastic straws - why

Help me and the other Shore Buddies to keep plastics out of our Oceans and save marine life. Skip the Straw.