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Help Keep Plastics Out Of Our Oceans!
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Help Keep Plastics Out Of Our Ocean!


"We cannot wait till High School.... We want the students to grow up with this awareness; so that sustainability becomes second nature from day one"
- Daniela Gibson | School Director GISSV


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GIVE TO A KINDERGARTEN STUDENT - Many students are currently learning from home and miss their friends. This Ocean Plastic education will give a Shore Buddies plush toy to a Kindergarten student in San Diego while educating how to keep plastics out of the Ocean.

EDUCATIONAL - Shore Buddies and San Diego Coastkeeper teach the students on how single use plastics have a direct impact on our ocean health and for marine life.

PLAYS AUTHENTIC SOUND WHEN PRESSED - Shore Buddies play the authentic animal sounds, recorded by professional marine biologist scientists for a truly authentic experience, building an emotional connection between marine life and the student.

SAY NO TO SINGLE USE PLASTIC - Every student will receive an eco-friendly bamboo toothbrush from The Humble Co. to introduce the students to plastic free alternatives in their daily habits.

MADE FROM 6 RECYCLED PLASTIC BOTTLES - Shore Buddies are the world's first stuffed animals made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Shore Buddies has already kept over 500,000 bottles from entering our oceans. Due to its sustainable innovation, Shore Buddies is a finalist for the 2021 Toy of the Year (TOTY) awards - the Oscars of the Toy Ind

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This Holiday Season, Give a San Diego Kindergarten student a Plush Toy and
an Ocean Plastic Education:

Each student package includes:

1x Shore Buddies Plush keychain

1x Shore Buddies And the Plastic Ocean

1x The Humble Co. Eco-Friendly kids toothbrush

Interactive distance learning lessons for students & teachers by San Diego Coastkeeper

Interactive Plastic Footprint Assessment


$20/ package

100 Students


$15/ package

300 Students


$12/ package

1000 Students

"Shelly is super cute, super soft and a great addition with the book and the rest of the Shore Buddies. Having a tangible example of what recycling can do is a great way for kids to learn this most important of lessons."

Daunell B.

"Just got mine and love them so much. The sounds are really incredible and they're so soft I can't believe they're made from plastic. Thank you for what you do for our oceans!!"

Courtney C.

hore Buddies is a local San Diego company and the world’s first stuffed animal made 100% from recycled plastic bottles. With our recent “Plush of the Year” nomination, the Toy Association is recognizing the growing demand for more sustainable toys.
Our Mission is to save Marine Life and keep plastics out of the Ocean. By educating students at a young age, we ensure that sustainability truly becomes a 2nd language from day one.

Shore Buddies characters Happy Holidays

This Holiday Season, Shore Buddies has partnered with the San Diego Unified school district for a special, ocean education outreach which will benefit San Diego students as well as the San Diego Coastkeeper Organization.

While many students are still adjusting to distance learning from home this year, it is especially hard on the youngest students who miss their friends the most. This fundraiser will give a Shore Buddies Plush toy to 7,526 Kindergarten students. Students will also receive an Ocean Plastic education with lessons they can follow at home along with their teachers or their parents. This early childhood toy will introduce sustainability early and establish it as a second language to the kids as they grow.

Give the gift that keeps on giving back. Help us to keep plastics out of the ocean.

Help us to teach kids about the dangers of Ocean Plastics Pollution through education. Your contribution and support will not only make a difference in a child's world, but also teaches them to become ocean stewards who will take care of the environment growing up.

Our goal is to give an Ocean Plastic Education Package to every
Kindergarten student in San Diego and make sustainability a 2nd language for kids growing up
- 500 / 7,526 packages funded -

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