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Finn is shocked by the massive size of the “great Pacific garbage patch”

Finn is shocked by the massive size of the “great Pacific garbage patch”

Hello Ocean Activist!

Finn here; As I have swam around the world in search of food, I often find myself coming back to the Pacific Ocean. It’s grand strength and beauty offer a unique space in which to live in. This immense body of water borders our California home, inherently becoming part of our lives. However, there is this huge big problem in the Ocean. The great Pacific garbage patch...

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Pacific Garbage Patch location.jpgFor years the “great Pacific garbage patch” has floated through the Pacific, gathering all the waste that was dumped from the land.  The patch was always known to be large, but current estimates state the patch is even 8-12 times the size of previous estimates. That would mean approximately 80,000 tons!!!
Fishing nets make up about half of the entire mass. Those nets keep collecting all sort of debris amd continue the patch to grow bigger and bigger. Not only is the amount of plastic collected an issue for the environment but also the kind of plastic collected. Polyethylene and polypropylene are two kinds of plastic created specifically to be durable. The durability of these plastics makes it nearly impossible for them to breakdown. Both kinds of plastic are commonly found in the patch.


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The drastic shift in the estimate size of the patch comes specifically from new aerial images. These new and clearer images give a much better view of the patch in its entirety. While previous images had been taken from ships which may have not resulted in the most accurate estimate.

Floating trash in the ocean.jpgWhenever I swim near the shore, I am always on the lookout for plastic and trash left behind. Like my Buddies, Emma and Sammy, I completely depend on the ocean. It is our home and we must all take care of it!! I try to help in any way that I can. Remember: Reducing the use of single-use plastic, like straws, can greatly help the environment. No need to add more waste to the patch!