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Stuffed Animals Made from recycled plastic bottles

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We donate $1 from every product purchase to nonprofit organizations that share our Mission in keeping plastics out of the ocean to save marine life.

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Wisdom Wednesday | Penguins

Wisdom Wednesday | Penguins

We all know that penguins can’t fly, but did you know that they have adapted their wings to be better at swimming in the water?  Their black and white coloring helps them to camouflage while they are darting through the seas.  From below their white bellies appear to be nothing else than the sun reflecting on the water, and from above their black feathers blend in with the ocean.
Wisdom Wednesday | Parrotfish

Wisdom Wednesday | Parrotfish

One might think the parrotfish gets its' name from its bright colored scales, but did you know it is actually because of its' fused teeth which resemble that of a parrot beak?   Additionally, the color of their scales is determined by their sex, status, or maturity. 
Wisdom Wednesday | Batfish

Wisdom Wednesday | Batfish

Did you know that batfish are actually not strong swimmers?  Even with their long anal and dorsal fins, scientists know batfish to be a “sleeper species” because they play a vital role in the upkeep of coral reefs but can only do so under certain conditions.