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Shore Buddies Wisdom Wednesday 5/29

Shore Buddies Shelly the Sea Turtle and the invisible net.png

Shelly and the Invisible Net

Deep in the blue, where the coral blooms and the water is as clear as the sky, Shelly the Sea Turtle swam with a grace that made even the waves watch in wonder. Known to all as the Gentle Guardian of the reef, Shelly loved to play hide and seek with her fishy friends and dine on the finest seagrass salads. But one day, her swim took a twisty turn.

Shore Buddies Wisdom Wednesday 5/13/2024

Stephen Seagull protecting the ocean from plastic

Shore Buddies Wisdom Wednesday

Stephen Seagull's View from Above: The Land-to-Sea Plastic Journey

Hey there, folks! Stephen Seagull here, your Coastal Crusader.Today, I'm soaring high with a bird's eye view to drop some serious knowledge on you. Did you know that a staggering 80% of all the plastic that ends up in our beautiful oceans comes from land? Yes, you heard that right! It's not just about what's tossed into the sea; it's about what happens on land too.



Wisdom Wednesday: A new study has some good news, but there’s a catch

Finn the Dolphin swimming in coral reefs with Shore Buddies.png
Hey, friends! It’s Finn the Dolphin here, your friendly ocean explorer and storyteller. Today, I’m surfacing with some unexpectedly positive news from the deep blue. A recent study suggests that there might be less plastic floating in our oceans than scientists previously assumed. Now, as someone who calls the ocean home, I want to share my thoughts and what this means for us sea creatures and you, our human allies.

Shore Buddies Wisdom Wednesday 3/6

Shore Buddies crew is celebrating fight against ocean plastic pollution.png

The Shore Buddies' Superpowered Stand Against Plastic Pollution

In the sparkling waters of the ocean, a team of heroes gathers. They're not your usual champions; they're the Shore Buddies, and they're on a mission to combat the ocean's plastic pollution. Each Buddy brings a unique superpower to the battle, uniting their strengths to protect their beloved sea.

Shore Buddies Wisdom Wednesday 2/21

Shore Buddies Emma the Whale educating other Sea Creatures about Ocean Plastic Pollution.png

Emma the Whale's Call to Action Against Microplastics

A Gentle Giant's Plea: Saving Our Seas from the Microplastic Tide

In the tranquil waters of the ocean, where the majestic whales roam, Emma the Whale, our Caring Chef, stirs a story that resonates with the rhythm of the waves. It's a narrative woven from the depths of her wisdom, as she grapples with a hidden adversary—microplastics.

Shore Buddies Wisdom Wednesday 2/14

Shore Buddies Stephen Seagull clumsy valentines day beach clean up.png

Celebrating Valentine's Day with Stephen Seagull, the Coastal Crusader

Love is in the Air, and It's Calling Us to the Beach

Valentine's Day isn't just about chocolates and flowers; it's a day to express love in all its forms. This year, Stephen Seagull, our beloved Coastal Crusader, is spreading love for the ocean by leading a Valentine's Day beach clean-up. Despite his clumsiness, Stephen's dedication to keeping the beaches clean is unwavering, and he's calling on all of us to join him.

Shore Buddies Wisdom Wednesday 2/7

Shore Buddies Wisdom Wednesday 2/7

Shelly the Sea Turtle - The Guardian of the Deep


In the vast, blue expanse of our oceans, where life flourishes in every corner, Shore Buddies Shelly the Sea Turtle embarks on a critical mission. Known for her graceful swims through coral havens, Shelly isn't just another marine inhabitant; she's a guardian. Today, we share her story and her battle against a silent threat - abandoned fishing gear.

Shore Buddies Wisdom Wednesday 1/24

Sammy the Seal gourmet with plastic bag

Welcome to another edition of Wisdom Wednesday! Today, we're taking a dive with the most humorous gourmet of the sea, Sammy the Seal. Known for his culinary quests and comical antics, Sammy is here to talk about a serious issue in his typically humorous way - the problem of plastic bags in our oceans. 🌊🦭

Shore Buddies Wisdom Wednesday 1/17

Shore Buddies Finn the Dolphin says no straws

Shore Buddies Wisdom Wednesday

Finn's Findings: A Tale of Tails and Straws 📖

Did you know that millions of plastic straws end up in our oceans every year? Finn, with his playful clicks and whistles, tells us a story of how these straws can harm his sea friends. From tiny plankton to giant whales, every creature feels the impact.

Shore Buddies Wisdom Wednesday 12/27

Shore Buddies Wisdom Wednesday 12/27

Wisdom Wednesday: The Invisible Threat of Microplastics

Welcome to another Wisdom Wednesday with Shore Buddies! Today, we're diving into a pressing environmental issue - microplastics. These tiny plastic fragments, often invisible to the naked eye, are becoming a global crisis, especially for our oceans and marine life.

Shore Buddies Story time 12/14

Shore Buddies Story time 12/14

Once upon a time...

Once upon a time, in the deep blue sea, Sammy the Seal, Finn the Dolphin, Stephen Seagull, and Shelley the Sea Turtle were all having a conversation about their latest ocean adventures. Emma the Whale, the caring chef, listened attentively, ready to share a story of her own.

As the friends chatted away, Stephen Seagull couldn't help but notice something strange floating near their conversation spot. He flapped his wings and squawked in excitement. "Hey everyone, what is this mysterious floating thing?"

Shore Buddies Wisdom Wednesday 12/13

A Shore Buddies Tale
The Tale of Shore Buddies and the Fight Against Plastic Pollution Welcome to another edition of Wisdom Wednesday, where we blend storytelling with ...