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Wisdom Wednesday 03/20/2019

Shore Buddies Wisdom Wednesday what is sand.jpg

Shore Buddies Wisdom Wednesday

Sand is made from large boulders being broken apart by wind or rocks. They get smaller and smaller until they reach the beach or a low lying area. It is defined by size, being finer than gravel and coarser than silt....

Shore Buddies Ocean Hero of the Week: Emi Koch

Emi Koch with Shore Buddies Finn the Dolphin

Shore Buddies Ocean Hero of the Week: Emi Koch

Me, myself, and I, Sir Stephen Seagull has brought to you Stephen’s Interview Corner! Even better, I’m back with our Ocean Hero of the Week. Are you ready for this dolphinetly great person? This time I bring you San Diego local Emi Koch! She started as a surfer and developed her passion for the ocean and its animal life. This led her to help create a nonprofit, but do you know which one?

Wisdom Wednesday 03/13/2019

Shore Buddies Wisdom Wednesday 3-11-19

Shore Buddies Wisdom Wednesday

Coral reefs are home to more than 25% of marine life. Because of so much plastic in our oceans, it’s no surprise that more than 50% of sea turtles have consumed plastic...

Sammy of Shore Buddies Talks Trader Joe's Phasing Out Plastic

Trader Joes storefront

Sammy of Shore Buddies talks Trader Joe's Phasing Out Plastic

Trader Joe's has made a commitment to improve their packaging by replacing all single-use plastics and styrofoam trays with biodegradable, compostable alternatives! Trader Joe's spokesperson and representative released that “while most of the plastic in our packaging has the highest recyclability acceptance rate in the U.S., reducing the amount of plastic packaging in our stores is another important focus of our sustainability.”

Wisdom Wednesday 03/06/2019

Shore Buddies Wisdom Wednesday coral.jpg

Wisdom Wednesday

It’s been found that at least 8 million tons of plastic enter the oceans every year. That’s like emptying one garbage truck into the ocean every minute. The average US citizen uses 167 plastic bottles each year, but only 25% get recycled. Also not recycled much is the most common forms of plastic pollution in the ocean; cigarette butts, plastic bags, fishing gear, and food and beverage containers...

Shore Buddies Ocean Hero of the Week: Ryan Hickman

Ryan Hickman posing in front of recycling pile

Shore Buddies Ocean Hero of the Week: Ryan Hickman

Welcome to Stephen’s Interview Corner! I’m Stephen Seagull and I’m back with our new Ocean Hero of the Week! This week, I’m very proud to introduce you all to the recycling hero himself, Ryan Hickman. I thought I liked to fly high and shoot for the stars, but this amazing young man is flying past me! He can’t walk past trash without picking it up and making an impact on the environment around him.

Shore Buddies Ocean Hero of the Week: Marc Ward

Marc Ward helping keep oceans clean with Shore Buddies Shelly the Sea Turtle

Shore Buddies Ocean Hero of the Week: Marc Ward

Stephen Seagull Interview partner.pngHi, Stephen here. Marc Ward is one of the greatest protectors of my dear friend, Shelly the Sea Turtle. Through his adventures, he developed quite a passion for marine life in realizing just how important they are to our oceans. His love for turtles drove him to help create Sea Turtles Forever, a program that dedicated everything they had to protecting sea turtles from all the problems they can face. 

Wisdom Wednesday 02/27/2019

Shore Buddies Wisdom Wednesday - Sea Turtles swimming peacefully in ocean.jpg

Wisdom Wednesday

Did you know you can identify the sex of a turtle by the sounds they make? The temperature when incubated determines the sex of the embryo. Cooler temperatures produce males whereas warmer temperatures produce females. You can also...

Ocean Hero of the Week: Sammie Vance

Sammie Vance with Shore Buddies Sammy the Seal.jpg

Shore Buddies Ocean Hero of the Week: Sammie Vance

Shore Buddies Stephen Seagull.png

Stephen Seagull here, and I’m back with what I like to call Stephen’s Interview Corner! I’ve decided to fly high and start an Ocean Hero of the Week! To kickoff this FINNtastic program, I would be so honored to introduce you all to Sammie Vance. Sammie is an amazing little girl that wanted to stop kids from being lonely at recess. She created a comic strip explaining how these benches would help save my home as well as keep children from feeling lonely. 400lbs of plastic caps later, Sammie’s Buddy Bench was here to stay.

Wisdom Wednesday 02/20/2019

Shore Buddies Wisdom Wednesday Turtle Facts.jpg

Wisdom Wednesday

Most turtles are omnivores, but the diet of a turtle is widely depending on the species of turtle. Some turtles eat mollusks, insects, and small fish. Others eat only sea grasses and ....

Wisdom Wednesday 02/13/2019

Turtle in blue ocean.png

Shore Buddies Wisdom Wednesday

Turtles are credited for their good eyesight and excellent sense of smell. Their hearing and touch is also good, especially with the shell containing nerve endings. So yes, they can feel you petting them! Like your pet, turtles have five toes on each limb. There are...

Winter Storm turns paradise into Hell

Shore Buddies Sammy the Seal rests at trashed Seal Beach.jpg

From Paradise to Hell

Hello friends, Sammy here!

I cannot believe what happened to one of my favorite beaches. It went from paradise to hell. Once such a pristine and beautiful beach...; they even named it Seal Beach. But now this...