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Shore Buddies Ocean Wisdom Wednesday | Dolphin Facts

Shore Buddies Ocean News

Wisdom Wednesday 01/11/2023

Shore Buddies Ocean Wisdom Wednesday Dolphin Facts

Photo by Chelle Blais

Dolphins are incredibly intelligent animals. They have been seen using tools, in the form of sponges, to protect their snouts while looking for food. They are also able to identify each other based on their signature whistle sounds. Just as each dolphin has a signature sound, they each have unique dorsal fins which can be helpful in identifying them. These animals are incredibly social and often travel in groups, called pods, of up to 100 dolphins. They have been observed to play fight, care for their injured, and work together to care for offspring and get food. Dolphins use echolocation to find food and navigate through the water. It is their teeth, rather than their ears, that pick up the sounds used in echolocation. Echolocation is made possible by an organ in their head called a melon. Dolphins eyes are also able to move separately from each other which helps them remain aware of their surroundings. They have two stomachs; one is used for storage while the other is used for digestion. Additionally, while they are asleep, half of their brain sleeps while the other remains awake in order to continue breathing and prevent them from drowning.

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