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Shore Buddies Wisdom Wednesday 2/7

Shelly the Sea Turtle - The Guardian of the Deep


In the vast, blue expanse of our oceans, where life flourishes in every corner, Shore Buddies Shelly the Sea Turtle embarks on a critical mission. Known for her graceful swims through coral havens, Shelly isn't just another marine inhabitant; she's a guardian. Today, we share her story and her battle against a silent threat - abandoned fishing gear.

The Silent Killers Beneath the Waves

Ghost nets, the remnants of abandoned fishing gear, lurk unseen, ensnaring marine life in a deadly grip. Shelly, embodying the wisdom and patience of the ocean's elders, brings attention to this pressing issue, urging us to act before it's too late.

Shore Buddies Shelly the Sea Turtle floating with ghost nets cartoon.png

Heeding Shelly's Call

Shelly, with her Lisa Simpson-esque intellect and passion, offers us ways to combat this problem:

  • Choose Sustainable Seafood: Support fisheries that are committed to responsible practices.
  • Spread the Word: Awareness is the first step toward change. Share Shelly's story and the danger of ghost nets.
  • Join the Clean-Up Crew: Take part in efforts to clean our beaches and oceans, rescuing them from the grasp of ghost nets.

A Journey of Awareness and Action

Shelly's quest is a reminder of the interconnectedness of all ocean life and the impact of human actions. She invites us to see the ocean through her eyes - a world worth protecting.

Shore Buddies Shelly the Sea Turtle explaining ocean ghost nets cartoon.png

Conclusion: Answering Shelly's Call

Inspired by Shelly's gentle guardianship, we're called to action. It's not just about saving marine life; it's about preserving the beauty and balance of our oceans for future generations. Join us in Shelly's mission, and together, let's be the change the oceans need.

Shore Buddies Shelly the Sea Turtle floating with ghost nets real photo.png

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