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Shore Buddies Wisdom Wednesday 12/6

Stephen Seagull's Coastal Chronicles: A Seabird's Perspective on Plastic Pollution

Ahoy, fellow beach lovers! Stephen Seagull here, ready to dive into the depths of a crucial issue - ocean plastic pollution. Join me in safeguarding our coastal havens from the ever-growing threat of litter and pollution.

stephen seagull saving the ocean from plastic

Seabird Swagger and Coastal Command: With a swagger that's all feathers, I'm on a mission to lead the charge against invaders threatening our sandy sanctuaries. Did you know that seabirds like me are facing a crisis due to plastic ingestion?

The Seagull's Sermon - Beaches, Pristine and Proud: Let's keep our beaches proud and untarnished. Seabirds often mistake plastic debris for prey, and the consequences are dire. Over one million seabirds perish annually due to plastic ingestion, affecting their size, wings, bills, and overall health.

Join the Shore Buddies - A Call to Action: This isn't a solo mission. I urge you to join the Shore Buddies. A beach cleanup in Oregon once removed a staggering 760 pounds of plastic from a single beach after a winter storm. Imagine the impact we could have if more of us joined forces!

Conclusion: As the Coastal Crusader, I'm eager to soar to new heights with you. The numbers may be staggering, but with collective action, we can make a difference. Grab your binoculars, tie on your bandanna, and let's embark on a grand journey to preserve our beaches – the jewels of the ocean. With Stephen Seagull leading the way, there's no telling how far we'll fly in the name of coastal righteousness!

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