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Q: Why do you make products out of plastic? 

A: We are collecting the plastic before it ends up in the ocean or landfills. Only 20% of all plastic is recycled. With Shore Buddies we are giving a solution and an example of what can be made if we recycle more efficiently. We do this because our main focus is youth education to avoid and refuse single use plastic in the long term. Developing a true circular economy. 

Q: When will an out of stock product be available for purchase? 

A: We are always in production of our Shore Buddies & other products. If you would like to know exactly when a specific product will be ready to ship out, sign up for our newsletter on our website or follow us on social media! 

Q: I would like to purchase a product and have it sent as a gift. Would you be able to ship it to an address other than mine? 

A: Yes, you can choose a different shipping address than your billing address. However, we do not provide gift wrapping at this moment. We are hoping to offer a fully sustainable gift wrapping and shipping option soon (Christmas 2021). 

Q: Please make a shark, octopus, manatee, etc., ... 

A: We are constantly working on new styles! If you would like to know what products will be coming out, sign up for our newsletter on our website or follow us on social media for sneak peeks! 

Q: I received my Shore Buddy but it does not make noise. What do I do? A: We are so sorry your Shore Buddy is so shy! Please email us at with your name, product in question, and order number. 

Q: Are they recommended for dogs too? 

A: Haha! Yea, dogs love Shore Buddies too! But we do not encourage them to be dog toys. They can become a choking hazard if a dog takes them apart. Shore Buddies are not dog safe toys, but are good cuddle buddies! 

Q: Can Shore Buddies be recycled? 

A: The material of the toys is not recyclable with today's technology. We do hope that Shore Buddies will never end up in landfills and will be kept as a keepsake instead. However, we understand that this is not the case for everyone. Therefore, we are working on a recycling initiative to take back no longer wanted Shore Buddies to dispose of them properly and/ or donate them to children hospitals if still possible. Stay tuned! In the meantime, say no to single use plastic where you can! That is what we are teaching the kids through Shore Buddies. 

Q: Which specific types of plastic material is used? 

A: The plastic materials are from plastic bottles, such as water bottles, soda bottles, and shampoo bottles. While the clean up of ocean plastic is important and removing plastics from the ocean is phenomenal, we believe that there are other products more suitable for such plastics. Ocean plastic requires a special cleaning process and child and toy safety is our main priority to keep children and families safe and healthy from potential toxic materials. We oversee the entire production process and make sure that no toxins end up in the products nor the environment. There are two steps in the cleaning process. The first step is the cleaning of the recycled bottles before they arrive at our factory. This is handled by the centralized recycling collectors and sorters. At our factory, we shred the plastic bottles and then clean the flakes. Our products are safety and chemical tested in accordance with US toy safety regulations. 

Q: Where are they made? 

A: Shore Buddies are made in our accredited factories in China. The recycled material is collected from recycling facilities in China and South East Asia. The products offered on our website ship domestically from San Diego, CA. 

Q: How do Shore Buddies make sound? 

A: The toys have a lithium cell battery inside and a sound speaker. The animal sounds are provided by Marine Biologists and represent authentic wildlife, giving marine life a voice. 

Q: Do Shore Buddies also come with a book about trash? 

A: The animals themselves do not come with a book. However, they do have individual hangtags explaining the Shore Buddies process. For our book, please check out “Shore Buddies And the Plastic Ocean” with information about recycling, the impacts of plastic for marine life and little tips about what everyone can do to help and keep plastics out of the ocean. 

Q: Can we collect plastic bottles and donate them to you? 

A: Our main focus is education rather than clean ups. However, we are always happy to support activists in that field. Sadly, we do not accept bottle donations in order to produce our Shore Buddies. It is important that they go through the regular recycling process for children toy safety and quality reasons. We strongly encourage you to collect pop bottles and bring them to your local recycling center! 

Q: Have you thought about/ do you sell the yarn? 

A: Unfortunately, we do not sell the yarn that goes into making our products, but we hope one day soon that eco-friendly yarn will be the norm! 

Q: How much do you give back? 

A: We donate $1 from every product to various ocean minded non-profit organizations around the globe through the $1 for the Ocean network. We love supporting their mission! We also do additional corporate giving throughout the year. If you are looking for support for a local event, please reach out and contact us at 

Q: How long do they take to ship? 

A: We ship next day from San Diego, California. It usually takes around 1-5 days depending on where you are shipping to.

Q: What ages of children are these safe for? 

A: Shore Buddies are safety tested for ages 3+ and meet all US and European safety requirements.

Q: What is the expected length of time that the sound in the Shore Buddies should last?
A: The sounds should last through 2,500 hugs & snuggles!