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Shore Buddies Wisdom Wednesday 11/15/23

Shore Buddies Wisdom Wednesday 11/15/23

Sammy the Seal wants to remind you to use re-usable shopping bags

160,000 plastic bags a second

This year 5 trillion plastic bags will be consumed. That’s 160,000 a second!
Put one after another they would go around the world 7 times every hour and cover an area twice the size of France.

Most bags are simply thrown out

Less than 1 percent are recycled. They are most often made from Polyethylene that takes centuries to degrade. Each ton of recycled plastic bags saves the energy equivalent of 11 barrels of oil.

12 minutes of use, 1000 years of pollution

It takes up to 1,000 years for a plastic bag to break down. On average, a plastic shopping bag is used for just 12 minutes.

Plastic bag pollution at ocean beach

What happens to the plastic bags?

In total, we use 100 million tons of plastic every year. Some 10 percent of this plastic end up in the oceans. An estimated 300 million plastic bags every year end up in the Atlantic Ocean alone.

All that plastic ending up in oceans is not without consequences.
By 2050, the world's oceans will contain more plastic than fish if we continue the way we consume right now.

How Shore Buddies help?

Shore Buddies is bringing sustainability into play.
We educate kids on the impact plastic has on our oceans. Our 5 different characters come with a different topic each. Learn how our Sammy the Seal is reminding you to bring your own reusable bag and avoid plastic bags when shopping.

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