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Shore Buddies Wisdom Wednesday 1/17

Welcome to another edition of Wisdom Wednesday! Today, we're splashing into the world of Finn the Dolphin, our Playful Explorer and Messenger of the Sea. 🌊🐬

Shore Buddies Finn the Dolphin being adventurous

Meet Finn: The Dolphin with a Mission 🌟

Finn is not just any dolphin; he's an adventurer with a cause! With his infectious enthusiasm, Finn swims across the oceans, making friends and uncovering the hidden wonders beneath the waves. But Finn is on a special mission: to spread the word about how plastic straws are affecting our beautiful oceans and their inhabitants.

Finn's Findings: A Tale of Tails and Straws πŸ“–

Did you know that millions of plastic straws end up in our oceans every year? Finn, with his playful clicks and whistles, tells us a story of how these straws can harm his sea friends. From tiny plankton to giant whales, every creature feels the impact.

Shore Buddies real life Finn the Dolphin in straw bubble

Be Like Finn: Simple Steps to Save the Seas 🌊

  1. Skip the Straw: Say 'no' to plastic straws. If you need one, opt for reusable or biodegradable options.
  2. Spread the Word: Share Finn's story with friends and family. Education is the key to change!
  3. Join a Beach Clean-Up: Be an ocean hero like Finn. Participate in local clean-ups to keep our beaches and seas pristine.

Finn's Final Message: A Click and a Whistle for Change 🐬

Finn reminds us with his optimistic chirps: every small step counts. By changing our habits, we can make a huge splash in protecting our oceans.

Thank you for joining us this Wisdom Wednesday. Let's ride the wave of change together!

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