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Wisdom Wednesday | Spotted Seals

Wisdom Wednesday | Spotted Seals
It’s no surprise that the spotted seal gets its name from its polka dot-like pattern!  Preferring arctic or sub-arctic waters, spotted seals can be found sitting on hauls of ice like the one pictured above!

Gulf of Mexico

For those who don’t know, The Gulf of Mexico is part of the Atlantic Ocean and is largely surrounded by the North American continent.  This particular body of water, along with all that encompasses our ocean is critical for our survival along with all our other friends who make up the sea. 

Stephen Seagull interviews Rig2Reef

Stephen on oil rig.png
Hi guys!
Stephen here!
Recently I had so much fun interviewing an AMAZING organization, Read more about Blue Latitudes and their Rigs to Reef process.
Rigs to Reefs is the process in which offshore oil rigs are re-purposed as artificial reefs. I'm so excited to share all I learned with you!