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Gulf of Mexico

Hi Everyone!

It’s the Shore Buddies team here.

After a wild week in the ocean, we’ve come back to share with you some pressing events occurring off the Gulf of Mexico. For those who don’t know, The Gulf of Mexico is part of the Atlantic Ocean and is largely surrounded by the North American continent.

This particular body of water, along with all that encompasses our ocean is critical for our survival along with all our other friends who make up the sea. After the unfortunate events of a leak in an underwater pipeline, a large fire has broken out in the ocean. Crazy right?! How can a fire break out in an ocean composed of only water? All of us here at Shore Buddies are worried about our friends and family swimming in the Gulf and we need your help!

Luckily, during this fire incident no oil was spilled into the Gulf, however it is important that we as people living on land are conscious of the companies that we support. This fire was rooted from an oil company and luckily the fire lasted only about five hours before firefighters were able to come on boats (with more water) and put it out. There is little to no information on what exactly caused this pipeline to burst at the time, but we do know that the event caused major disruption in the waters.

We hope that friends swimming in those waters made it out alright, and we hope that with the help of conscious individuals like ourselves that events like this do not continue to happen.

The ocean is our home! Let’s all do our best to continue to protect the ocean and be aware of how others' decisions can affect our oceans for the better or for the worst.

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