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Shore Buddies webblog

Wisdom Wednesday 10/30/2019

Whip Coral Shrimp image from Instagram user @wsoo_photography
This shrimp is the tiniest creature you’ve never seen.The whip coral shrimp is a seriously small little critter.

Wisdom Wednesday 10/23/2019

Picasso Triggerfish image from Instagram user submerged_images
“While the fish in this photo appears to be sitting there allowing me to take his photo it was quite the contrary. He came up at me from the sandy bottom with such intent and speed that I couldn't believe I managed to get him in the frame, let alone having him and is grumpy face in focus!”

Stephen Seagull interviews Rig2Reef

Stephen on oil rig.png
Hi guys!
Stephen here!
Recently I had so much fun interviewing an AMAZING organization, Read more about Blue Latitudes and their Rigs to Reef process.
Rigs to Reefs is the process in which offshore oil rigs are re-purposed as artificial reefs. I'm so excited to share all I learned with you!