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Wisdom Wednesday 9/11/2019

Golden Cuttlefish image from Instagram
Despite their name, cuttlefish are not fish but molluscs, and there are over 120 species of cuttlefish. Cuttlefish have eight arms and two tentacles. Both the tentacles and arms have suckers.

Wisdom Wednesday 9/04/2019

Moray Eel image from Instagram
The wolf eel (though similar to the Moray Eel) is not a true eel, but part of the Anarhichadidae family of “wolf fishes”. Wolf-eels can grow up to 8 feet long

Wisdom Wednesday 8/21/2019

seastar or starfish
They have a very interesting way of eating...When Starfish capture prey, they have tiny suction cups to grab ahold of their food. Then their stomach exits their mouth to digest the food, and reenters the body when they’re done eating.

Wisdom Wednesday - 9/18/18

Shore Buddies fish nibling on coral reef.jpg

Shore Buddies Wisdom Wednesday

Fish have been on the earth for more than 450 million years. Fish were well established long before dinosaurs roamed the earth. ... There are more species of fish than all the species of amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals combined.

Wisdom Wednesday- 5/16/18

Wisdom Wednesday- 5/16/18
How do animals breathe underwater? Through the skin! The exchange of gasses takes place through...

Wisdom Wednesday - 4/11/18

Wisdom Wednesday - 4/11/18

Shore Buddies Wisdom Wednesday

Many bony fish have more than just one set of nostrils. The nostrils of fish also...