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Wisdom Wednesday | Crown Jellyfish

Shore Buddies Wisdom Wednesday 06/02/2021

Image of a crown jellyfish floating at the surface of the ocean. Photo by @creationscape on Instagram.

Photo by Michael B. Hardie

Crown Jellyfish inhabit bays, estuaries and lagoons. They stay in the cold, deep waters during the day and rise to the surface at night. Crown jellyfish are 95% water and do not have a heart, brain, blood or gills. Their bodies are known as bells. This species can reach almost 7 inches in diameter and around 8 inches tall. Crown Jellyfish have umbrella shaped bells that resemble the shape of a crown and are blueish-purple in color. These jellyfish have 8 arms that surround their mouths and help them find food. Their diet consists of zooplankton, algae, shrimp, and invertebrate eggs. Although this species of jellyfish is the most venomous, they are not harmful to humans. Crown jellyfish are also capable of creating light through bioluminescence, which they use to distract predators. Crown jellyfish only live for up to six months.

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