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Wisdom Wednesday | Leopard Sharks

Shore Buddies Wisdom Wednesday 09/29/21

Image of a Leopard Shark from Amy Mercer

Photo by Amy Mercer

Did you know that leopard sharks are more active at night than during the day?  Living up to about 30 years, leopard sharks can be found in shallow muddy waters, particularly Northern California. Often times they are preyed upon by larger sharks, like the Great White, but they themselves eat relatively small animals like worms, crabs, octopus, and fish.  Branching off from a species of houndshark in the Triakidae family, adult leopard sharks can grow up to 6 feet long, but typically average at about 5 feet.  Female leopard sharks can birth to almost 36 offspring each which start out at about 20 centimeters long.  Although they are not of concern in terms of being endangered, the state of California has implemented fishery regulations to maintain sustainable practices.  Just like the state, practices sustainability, you should too!

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