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Shore Buddies Wisdom Wednesday 5/29

Shelly and the Invisible Net

Deep in the blue, where the coral blooms and the water is as clear as the sky, Shelly the Sea Turtle swam with a grace that made even the waves watch in wonder. Known to all as the Gentle Guardian of the reef, Shelly loved to play hide and seek with her fishy friends and dine on the finest seagrass salads. But one day, her swim took a twisty turn.

Shore Buddies Shelly the Sea Turtle and the invisible net.png

As Shelly paddled happily along, she told jokes to the jellyfish and riddles to the rays. “Why did the crab never share?” she chuckled, “Because he’s shellfish!” Her laughter bubbled to the surface, but it was cut short by something strange. There was an invisible tickle around her flipper.

“What’s this? An underwater spider web?” she mused, trying to wiggle free. But it was no web; it was an abandoned fishing net, invisible in the clear water. Shelly was caught in what ocean folks called a ghost net.

Shore Buddies sea turtle underwater.png

“Oh, barnacles!” Shelly sighed, “I’m in a bit of a sea pickle, aren’t I?” But our Shelly wasn’t just any turtle; she was a clever crustacean converser and a fine flippered friend. With a wise wink to a nearby pufferfish, she had an idea.

“Puffy, could you puff up and roll this net off my flipper?” she asked politely. Puffy, who was always ready to show off his puff, agreed. With a big breath, he puffed and puffed until the net loosened, and Shelly was free!

“Thank you, Puffy! You really blew me away!” Shelly giggled, swimming a joyful twirl. From that day on, Shelly took it upon herself to teach all the sea critters about the dangers of ghost nets. With a mix of humor and heart, she spread the word: “Let’s keep our home safe and net-free!”

Shore Buddies Shelly the Sea Turtle celebrates freedom from a ghost net.png

And so, Shelly swam on, a bit wiser, always ready with a new joke or a helping flipper, living happily ever after in her deep blue, almost invisible-net-free home.

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