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Wisdom Wednesday | Tripod Fish

Shore Buddies Wisdom Wednesday 05/05/2021

Living at depths from 2,950 to 15,400 feet, Tripod fish are benthic fish, meaning they inhabit the floors of the ocean. These fish live in the tropical waters of the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans. Tripod fish got their names because when they are still, they look like a tripod. They have three long structures that allow them to walk on the ocean floor. Their fins can reach up to 3.3 feet in length, although their bodies are only 12 to 14 inches long. They use their pectoral fins to detect what is around them in the water and to find prey because their eyes have limited abilities. Tripod fish also use these fins to catch food and bring it to their mouths. Tripod fish feed on crustaceans, shrimps, fish, and zooplankton. These fish are hermaphrodites, meaning they can self produce when unable to find a mating partner and possess both types of reproductive organs. Although the lifespan of Tripod fish isn’t known, researchers and experts believe they live for 1-2 years.