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Shore Buddies Wisdom Wednesday 1/24

Seal the Deal on Sustainability: Sammy's Guide to Ditching Plastic Bags

Sammy, in his quest for the ocean's finest treats, often encounters more plastic bags than fish! It's no laughing matter, though Sammy can't help but find humor even here. He's seen firsthand how these bags, mistaken for food, can harm marine life. But he's not just here to tell tales; he's got some tips to help us all make a change.

Sammy the Seal gourmet chef with ocean plastic bag

Sammy's Top Tips for a Plastic-Free Ocean

  1. Be a Trendsetter with Reusable Bags: Why settle for boring plastic when you can make a statement with reusable bags? Sammy suggests choosing bags with fun designs, like his own smiling face, to bring joy to your grocery trips.

  2. Embrace Bulk Buying: Buying in bulk not only reduces packaging waste but is also seal-approved for being economical and practical. Sammy recommends it for stocking up on all your essentials.

  3. Rediscover the Charm of Baskets: For quick errands, why not use a basket? It's sustainable, stylish, and gives a nod to old-world charm, something Sammy finds amusingly elegant.
Shore Buddies Sammy the Seal brings reusable bags to the grocery store

Get Creative with Sammy: Alternatives to Plastic Bags

  • DIY T-Shirt Bags: Join Sammy in an upcycling adventure by turning old t-shirts into quirky shopping bags. It's an eco-friendly and creative way to repurpose what you already have.
  • Edible Wrappers: Sammy has a soft spot for edible wrappers, especially for sandwich packing. Not only are they compostable, but they also add a fun twist to your meals.
  • Jar Collections: Storing bulk items in jars isn't just practical; it's also aesthetically pleasing. Sammy thinks a pantry full of jars looks like a treasure chest!

A Challenge from Our Favorite Seal

Sammy's leaving us with a challenge: Can you go one month without using a single plastic bag? He believes in you and knows that even small changes can make a big wave in protecting our oceans.

Shore Buddies Sammy the Seal swimming with plastic bags in the ocean.png

Join us in following Sammy's lead to make our oceans cleaner and safer for all. Until next Wisdom Wednesday, keep swimming towards a more sustainable future!

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