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Another whale found with a belly full of plastic

Another whale found with a belly full of plastic

Hey guys, Emma here.

Emma the WhaleIn Italy, they found the carcass of a pregnant sperm whale last week that had 49 pounds (22 kilograms) of plastic in her stomach. She was also carrying a dead fetus, which makes this even more sad.I don't know about you, but the shocking news of some of my family members dying from plastic intake are getting more and more lately. I keep telling you, the plastic situation is out of control.

The beached whale's stomach contained garbage bags, fishing nets, lines, tubes, the bag of a detergent liquid that was still identifiable, with brand and barcode, as well as many more other items.

Beached whale full of plastic found in Italy.jpg

When do you humans finally wake up and understand that convenience at it's current level has a high price. Us ocean animals are are paying the consequences for a long time already and it is getting worse and worse. Disposable plastic needs to stop, we need to find better ways.

Dead whale with over 49 pounds of plastic found in Italy near Sicily.jpg

The dead whale with over 49 pounds of plastic was found in Italy near Sardinia

I highly recommend the new Shore Buddies book to everyone. It gives easy tips what you can do daily to reduce your plastic footprint. Start now. There is no Planet B.

Yours sadly,