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Don't give up buddy! The Ocean needs you!

Don't give up buddy! The Ocean needs you!

Hey Ocean Activists; Emma here!

Boyan Slat - Founder Ocean Clean up with Emma the Whale from Shore Buddies.jpg

You guys are probably very familiar with the Ocean Clean Up project. They launched last September from San Francisco and headed out to the Pacific Garbage Patch. I have talked about it in the past here quite a bit. Now they are out there in the Pacific Ocean and some people already claim it as a failure. This is just not fair and I just want to take a stand here for founder Boyan Slat real quick. You are on the right track buddy; Keep going!!

Although the Ocean Cleanup device didn't collect tons of plastic as planned during its first run at the end of 2018. The effort is still on, Boyan Slat says. The 600-meter span is being towed to Hawaii. There, crews will go about fixing an end section that detached from the system in the middle of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. The Ocean Cleanup hopes to relaunch in a few months, after analyzing data to make sure the problem doesn't happen again.

Emma swimming in trash

Boyan, this is a huge undertaking and I am sure that you have not planned for the device to break, but hey: we call that learning by doing. And you my friend, you are doing!


Don't get discouraged by all those negative headlines out there. We love what you are doing and your mission. The Ocean and we Shore Buddies need more people like you. Thanks for helping to keep plastics out of Our Oceans. Or in your case, actually removing it. We appreciate you buddy!

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