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Emma approves of the 100% Compostable Pelacase

Emma approves of the 100% Compostable Pelacases

Hello Ocean Activists - Emma here!

Four blondes on the beach with phonesAs a whale, I am an ocean dweller who is often unfamiliar with what is going on on dry land. Lately when I have breached the surface, I have noticed humans holding a small device to their ear. What is the purpose of this rectangle??? I set out to investigate what this could be. After much searching, I found what seemed to be the shell of the device. Like a crabs' shell, the case seemed to protect the device. The only difference was it was made of plastic.


Since that day, I have wanted to find an alternative to this plastic shell; something that would protect the device and the environment. Luck was on my side when I swam by a scuba diver. The diver mentioned that his device—a phone—was protected by a 100% biodegradable case. My answer was finally here.

Emma with a Pelacase on the beach

Pelacase manufactures this amazing protective device. The case is made out of flax, which makes it durable, flexible, and most importantly, completely compostable. This eco-friendly alternative reduces waste from harming the environment. With millions of cell phones sold, people often seek a case to protect their investment. The Pelacase is here to reduce the amount of plastic created by the typical cell phone case. Specifically, a case that will pose no harm to the environment.

Pelacase on the beach

As an animal that depends solely on their environment to survive, I appreciate the small (but with a great impact) everyday changes that help keep my home clean!