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Emma says: "Bring your own eco-friendly grocery bag"

Emma says: "Bring your own eco-friendly grocery bag"

Hello my ocean minded friends! I’m Emma the Whale, and boy do I have a story for you! Imagine you get a craving for your favorite food, and finally decide to go out and get it. I’m swimming to my favorite feeding spot dreaming about the yummy meal I’m about to have, but there are barely any krill! Any bite of krill I have also has those pesky, sneaky plastic bags… Do you know how upsetting it is to have this whaley HUGE craving for krill, but end up eating plastic instead? NON-EDIBLE plastic! And these evil bags are constantly tricking my poor sea turtle friends because they look just like those yummy jellyfish! Well I’ve had enough! I went searching for others inspired to reduce, reuse, recycle, and re-imagine the world. And I found the perfect ocean friendly alternative.

Ecobags and Emma the Whale

ECOBAGS! This FIN-tastic company is completely dedicated to simple, green, and abundant lives! They believe less is more, which is why their bags are ethically and sustainably sourced to be as durable as a reusable bag can be. Minimizing your footprint AND being nice to the ocean? Sign me up! Ditch the old school plastic bags and move into the future of sustainability with reusable, fun Ecobags!

Ecobags in different colorsCheck them out: www.ecobags.comNext time you go to the grocery store, or any store for that matter, take a moment and think about where your single-use plastic bags could end up. I know me and my Shore Buddies are tired of eating plastic. That saying ‘you are what you eat’... well I don’t want to be a plastic bag! I like being a whale much better! As ECOBAGS would say, “Leave no trace and Do no harm!”

Check them out:

Until next time friends,
Emma the Whale