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Finn is appalled that humans drink plastic

Finn is appalled that humans drink plastic

Hello my two legged friends! Finn here!

Finn, fishies and microplastics

Swimming in waters without seeing any plastic has become hard to do. I don’t like the feel of plastic bottles touching my body, and I dolphinetely don’t like the taste! Fortunately, I see a new trend lately. More and more organizations are helping to keep plastics out of the oceans and even removing pieces from beaches and the water. A new trend is developing!

This certainly helps to make my travels more trash-free. But imagine my surprise when I found out about how many tiny pieces of plastic there are in the water!!! They are called microplastics. Big plastic can break into small plastic pieces, until I can’t see or taste it anymore, but they still last forever! What’s worse, small fishies eat these pieces of plastic, and I eat the small fishies, so I probably still eat plastic! Yuck! 

Plastic water bottleResearch scientists from the State University of New York in Fredonia published a study analyzing bottled water from more than 250 bottles from 9 countries, representing 5 continents. They found that more than 90% of the water showed some sign of microplastic contamination, possibly due to the packing process. The Story of Stuff Project partnered with Ocean Analytics researching the same thing, and found plastic particles in 19 out their 20 samples. These results are so troubling, even the World Health Organization (WHO) is getting involved with their own investigation!

Will you help the Shore Buddies to clean up this place.jpg

I hope that that you humans now know that you are drinking the same plastics you throw away. Maybe this will stop you from throwing it all away. I am tired of running into plastic when I want to explore new places, or to make new friends when swimming with divers, or even to play “race the cruise ship.” Won’t you help me and my Shore Buddies reduce plastic waste?