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Finn is jumping of joy because of the news from the UK

Finn is jumping of joy because of the news from the UK

Hi friends, Finn here!

I heard the most FINNtastic news today!!! I’m so excited to share with you what has all my Shore Buddies clapping their fins together! Are you ready for this?? I’ll give you a hint; the UK is putting $87.3 million towards improvements for it…

The United Kingdom. has proposed to ban plastic straws! AND plastic stemmed cotton swabs! AND plastic stirrers! Score one for the ocean! Their leaders are working to have this accomplished as early as this year. The goal is to replace the nasty plastic products with eco-friendly alternatives. That means less plastic entering our oceans. No more tricking my friends into ingesting them, and no more dirty shores. With recent talks being that plastic debris in the ocean could triple in the next 7 years, this ban couldn’t have come at a better time!

plastic straws on trashed beach

Even music festivals are taking action! They’ve committed to banning plastic straw for ALL events in the UK this year, and hope to have all single-use plastic banned from the events in three years. TALK ABOUT TAKING A SWIM IN THE RIGHT DIRECTION!

Finn in a bubble of plastic straws

I DOLPHINETELY hope this means others will take action as well! Imagine what would happen if every country banned single-use plastics, or even just one piece of plastic, like plastic straws or bags. The ocean would feel like home again! Until them, I’m going to go visit the UK and enjoy those waters for a while!

Cheers my ocean loving people!
Finn the Dolphin