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Hollywood is missing the Zeitgeist in fighting plastic pollution

Hollywood is missing the Zeitgeist in fighting plastic pollution

Finn, Stephen and Emma could not believe their eyes. One of the biggest and most influential ceremonies in the film industry and then that.... Unbelievable!!

Shore Buddies with Hollywood sign

Of course, Product Placement is an industry in Hollywood. Companies trying to get their goods on the screen and in photos with stars. The tobacco industry actively promoted smoking through association with stars till the late 70s, although the dangers of this form of advertising has led to some restrictions on placement in films for youth.

But will Hollywood recognize the harms of single-use plastic for our oceans, marine life and human health??? This year's Oscar weekend showed a very disappointing failure to grasp the current zeitgeist where plastic pollution is the hottest issue in legislature and in media.

Fiji water bottles with plastic strawsThe Spirit Awards are known as the "cool" Oscars-- a laid back affair at the beach the Saturday before the Oscars. Independent films get "Spirit Awards" for the same categories. Apparently Film Independent, creators of the Spirit Awards, did not get the memo on plastic pollution though. They choose Fiji water as a sponsor. Not only were Fiji Water Bottles placed at the door to the tent, but this year the bottles were double offenders with plastic straws inserted through the lids.

Known as the center of the film industry, California is also leading the nation in creating policy solutions to plastic pollution. For example, California is the first state to pass a statewide ban on plastic bags. Also, California recently made national news by introducing a Straws Upon Request bill (AB 1884) that calls on dine-in restaurants to enact a straws-upon-request policy "to create awareness around the issue of one-time use plastic straws and its detrimental effects on landfills, waterways, and our oceans," said the bill’s author, Majority Leader Ian Calderon.

Finn with plastic straws

Perhaps next year the Spirit Awards will catch the wave of change and give out beautiful, reusable bottles and straws. Finn would be delighted to SEA that.