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In spirit of the soccer World cup – Stephen remembers this one day in Brazil

In spirit of the soccer World cup – Stephen remembers this one day in Brazil

Hello fellow Ocean Activist, Stephen here!

Lately I’ve been flying around various restaurants and homes, often glancing at the shiny screens inside. After four long years, the FIFA World Cup is finally back!! Although I don’t pretend to understand this land dweller game, I do find it very interesting to watch.

Stephen in soccer stadium.jpg

I can’t help but think back to that amazing thing that happened after the 2014 Japan vs Ivory Coast game...

I was flying over Brazil when I saw bright lights beaming down onto a green patch. I flew down and perched myself on one of the stands. The stadium held thousands of people, dressed in a wide array of colors.
The crowd was cheering and the players were chasing the ball. What a fun scene to watch. Everyone was having fund and the people in the stands were just jolly and happy. Drinking drinks and enjoying food. As the game came to an end, I noticed the cups, straws, napkins, and streamers left behind, littering every inch of the stadium. I knew it was more than likely the trash would get thrown out, only to end up in a nearby beach. To my amazement, the Japanese fans dressed in blue had garbage bags at the ready! Slowly but surely the litter was collected, leaving behind a clean stadium.

Japanese fans cleaning soccer stadium after world cup game.jpg

Ever since that day, I have often thought back to the amazing work done by thousands of fans. It showed me human beings could be passionate fans of a team, as well as the environment!

Hopefully we will see other World Cup parties like this this year again.

Passionately yours,