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Pacific Marine Mammal Center - Ravi's Summer Blog

Pacific Marine Mammal Center - Ravi's Summer Blog

Shroe Buddies tour PMMCGoing to the Pacific Marine Mammal Center and seeing that there is an organization where weak seals can be taken in, brought back to strength, and released back into the wild, was an eye opening experience. It showed me that there are organizations and people who care about the endangerment of animals and species that aren’t generally thought to be pets for human enjoyment, like cats and dogs. I learned that there are people that care about helping other species enough to put in time, money, and fund raise on a big scale in order to save members of other species, especially those that we humans have played a role in endangering.  I learned that there are people who agree that this planet has historically been a place for not just one of us species, but for all of us.  We humans have the potential to make the planet a little less invasive and a little less hard to live in for the species that we’ve negatively impacted the most, even if these impacts are specifically caused by practices that humans sometimes need to continue.

Shroe Buddies tour PMMC seals

At the Pacific Marine Mammal Center, I toured with a [veterinarian?] named Krista, who was involved in management of this rescue shelter for helpless seals.  The organization not only helps stranded seals that have washed up on the shore, but it works with other similar sea life shelter organizations based along the California Coast to identify and track rescued seals.  This process is very instrumental in keeping results of the amount of seals that end up stranded for the second time, and in helping determine the factors involved in why the seals had this predicament.

I learned a lot going to this Pacific Marine Mammal Center, especially that we citizens are able to be involved in local organizations that care about the region locally.

For the future generations,