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Plastic bottles - OVER 70% still don't get recycled

Still OVER 70% of plastic bottles we use don't get recycled. The problem is piling up. Literally....

Roughly seven out of every 10 plastic bottles get trashed. Unfortunately, many of those plastic bottles still find their ways from landfills back to the ocean. Big concerns with experts are especially the caps of those bottles, often they become lose and end up as tiny little pieces. Considering that 500,000,000 plastic bottles are consumed in the USA per month; These tiny little pieces become a huge problem! Organizations such as 5Gyres have endorsed initiatives to change that all plastic beverage container caps are either attached to the bottle or designed that the beverage can be consumed without removing the cap. Just like changing aluminum cans from pull to pop tops in the 1970s solved a health and safety problem

500,000,000 Million plastic bottles a month

It is really important to face the issue we have and switch to reusable water bottles. You can avoid them! Pledge to go #plasticfree: Keep a reusable cup in your car or bag, and fill it up on the go. Not only does this make good environmental sense, it’s good for your bottom line: Bottled water costs 2,000 times more than tap water—switching can save a lot of money!