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Plastic in the Ocean: The silent killer

Plastic in the Ocean: The silent killer

My dear friends - Emma here!

It’s with deep regrets that I share the news with you I found out today. My dearly close friend Carlos in Spain has passed on no too recently due to plastic ingestion.

sperm whales dies in spain because  of plastic

If you have seen my story from the other day, you know just how upset I am with plastic sneaking into my diet. It just gets so hard sometimes for us marine animals to see the difference in our food and those pesky plastic bags and nets. 64 pounds of trash were found to be the reason my dear friend didn’t get to grow into adulthood.

Emma swimming in plastic trash

Scientists have researched this topic quite a lot, and have found that when us animals ingest plastic, the trash will clog our intestines and essentially starve us. I just don’t understand. We don’t trash your home, so why do some people have to trash our home? This is why I want us all to work together in banning plastics and protect our oceans and beaches! Reduce plastic use! Recycle all single use items! Or just go for reusable items over the single use ones!

Whale tail

My whale friend always said he wanted to travel to Spain, and I’m so very glad he got to go. It's sad to know he won’t be in the ocean swimming with me and my Shore Buddies anymore. But I’m glad for the happy memories and time we all had with him. To all my recycling and plastic conscious friends, thank you for your continuing support in protecting the ocean and all things in it. Help us to protect marine life and keep plastics out of our oceans. Hopefully next time we talk, it will be full of joy!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!