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Recover Brands - Emma is amazed how this company is changing apparel as we know it

Recover Brands - Emma is amazed how this company is changing apparel as we know it

Recover brands hoody by the ocean

As a whale in the wild, the ocean is my home. When I'm swimming out in the ocean blue, the last thing I expect is to be surrounded by heaps of plastic. Eeek! Straws, bags, and bottles are some of the few things I consistently see as I migrate from one place to another. Whether I be swimming in the Atlantic or Pacific, plastic seems to follow me wherever I go. :(

Recover logoBrands like Recover are working to make my home a safer and cleaner space. Recover achieves this by recycling plastic bottles and making them into various clothing items. It takes 8 recycled plastic bottles to make one shirt. In just eight years Recover has managed to amass 5.4 million plastic bottles from landfills and our oceans. The environmentally friendly apparel makes sure fewer bottles go from the landfill to the oceans. By reducing the amount of plastic in the ocean, animals like me, won't eat or get entangled in them. No one likes to have trash in their home, and Recover is working to make mine TRASH FREE.

From bottle to shirt - Recover process

Now when I swim across the ocean, it makes me happy to know someone on land is constantly working to make my home a cleaner place. Keeping the ocean clean protects me and millions of other marine plants and animals. I am happy to tell you that I hope to see fewer plastic bottles in the oceans due to amazing companies such as Recover. This makes my 1,000 miles long migration much more enjoyable. Plastic does not belong in our oceans!

Recover shirt on kayak