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Ryan's Recycling Empire

Ryan's Recycling Empire

UPDATE: see CNN video at the bottom

Ryans recycling empire Ellen ryanSomeone once said that “you can’t have earth without art, or else it’s just eh.” The earth is a fragile planet and deserves care in order to maintain it’s beauty. There are many things that can poison the planet, trash for example.

Trash piles up in landfills and does nothing but sit there. It floods the streets and floats in the oceans putting marine life in danger. However, recycling is one of many ways that can help better the planet.  

The EPA fact sheet shows the items left in landfills that are easily recyclable:

-- 21% of food (the largest component of landfills)
-- 14% of paper and paperboard
-- 10% of rubber, leather and textiles
-- 18% of plastic

Ryans recycling empire logo

The now famous 7-year-old Ryan Hickman took initiative and created his own recycling company at the age of 3, Ryan’s Recycling Company. Ryan works hard everyday to save the planet and donate a portion of his money to charity along the way. His progress even landed him a slot on the Ellen DeGeneres Show.


Ryans recycling empire EllenEllen was happy to discuss all that he accomplished over the years and promote the importance of recycling and other ways to help clean up the planet. He has also had the opportunity to speak with other large entertainment companies such as, radio shows and FOX News.

Over the past five years, he has collected over 60,000 pounds of recyclables and 265,000 cans, turning them into $31,000! Part of that money goes towards his college education—but maybe even sooner though he will be able to fulfill his dream and buy his own garbage truck. With Ryan’s help, the earth’s health is getting better and better everyday.
As a youth ambassador for Pacific Marine Mammal Center, Ryan uses his passion for saving the earth to get others involved and raise awareness for not only the effect garbage has on the planet, but on animals as well.

The earth needs help to stay clean and healthy. Check out Ryan’s website for more information on him and how to get involved:

Ryan Hickmann recycling empire with Shore Buddies

Ryan, of course, is a huge Shore Buddies fan! He got himself a Harbor Seal the second he learned that Shore Buddies are stuffed animals made from recycled plastic bottles.

UPDATE: Ryan on CNN. Click here.