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Shore Buddies and h2hacks to Save the World

Shore Buddies and h2hacks to Save the World

Shore Buddies is a proud sponsor of h2hacks Heckathon, a student led organization that uses innovative technology dedicated to saving the world through environmental means. The Hackathon theme this year involved global environmental issues pertaining to conservation, sustainability, education and awareness.

h2hacks Heckathon winner.png

Hackathon winners for the Best Sustainability Hack

The Heckathon took place in New York this September, which combined engineers, entrepreneurs and designers to create games, apps and various devices all in effort to save the world. Ryan Lee, founder of h2hacks mentioned that “todays youth will drive forward our future and I want everyone to be able to use their new skills to create more innovative projects in the future.”

H2hacks Heckathon attendees

Groups of students gather to create their best innovative technology

It is important for the younger generation to get involved with environmental issues, especially ocean pollution and the efforts involved in saving ocean wildlife. To maintain a healthy ocean environment is important because it helps global economies involved in commercial fishing and most importantly, protects marine wildlife from depletion. Ryan Lee and many others are part of this young generation that will drive forward new environmental changes. Thank you h2hacks for being part of the solution to help eliminate plastic pollution.

Shore Buddies displayed at H2hacks Heckathon New York.jpg

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