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Shore Buddies Ocean Ambassadors adopting Sea Turtle

Shore Buddies Ocean Ambassadors adopting Sea Turtle

Aloha Ocean Activists,

We wanted to share a story with you from two of our amazing Shore Buddies Ocean Ambassadors. While on vacation in Bali, Janna and Torben volunteered at a local Sea Turtle rescue facility. They helped collecting injured turtles of the beach and bring them to the facility. With their adoption of the turtles, they made sure the turtles have enough food and the necessary care to be released back to the wild. And three weeks later, the moment came and among other rescued turtles, our two friends went off to the ocean. Of course the turtle was named Shore Buddy :)

In Bali, many turtles are found with ingested plastic even at a very early age. Help us to save marine life and keep plastics out of the Oceans. Thanks Janna and Torben for being Ocean Activist and sharing this story with us! And for the little Shore Buddy; Go out there little guy! Conquer these oceans!

Shore Buddies Ocean Ambassadors adopting Sea Turtle.jpg

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