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Stephen’s Sustainable Summer Tips

Stephen’s Sustainable Summer Tips

Hello fellow Ocean Activist- Stephen here!

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The summer months are officially upon us! School’s out and vacations are in. Summer is the time for bathing on the beach; trekking the highest mountain; diving near a beautiful reef. As amazing as traveling may be, it is always important to continue sustainable practices even when away from home. During the summer months, thousands of people flock to the beaches to relax. I have flown across the entire globe, often coming across beaches littered with trash. This summer, I am going to give you my top tips for sustainable travel, in the hopes we can protect our planet one adventure at a time! 

Tip # 1: Preparation  

Walking around all day down a beach, or up a hill, or on ancient cobblestones can be incredibly exhausting! Take it from someone who has waddled down hundreds of beaches- walking is rough. When planning a trip, preparation allows for people to relax while they are on vacation. Preparing a daypack for the exciting day ahead reduces the amount of plastic used throughout the day. Using a glass bottle or a reusable bag instantly cuts the amount of plastic used. Being proactive makes it easier to travel sustainably!

Sustainably Yours,

Stephen Seagull